Yeoman Fountain generators

One Yeoman generator for all your frontend projects

FountainJS aims to bring a rich DX by making you forget about JS fatigue

What's Fountain


Fountain is a new Yeoman generator allowing the user to choose the most structurant technologies you'll use:

  • Web framework
  • Module and dependency management
  • JavaScript version
  • Style (CSS) meta-language

Developer eXperience

The tooling proposed is focused on offering the best developer experience in order for modern Web development to benefit from the extremly dynamic ecosystem instead of creating fatigue.

Ready to go

The main point of Fountain is to deliver a stable project whatever the very different options that you could choose and always keep up to date with the latest version of each of your frameworks and tools.


From the user's point of view, Fountain is a very complete generator. From the inside, it's a complete ecosystem of various and specialized generators. This architecture will allow easier development and extension.


Direct download

We provide a download page where you simply have to click on the options you want. At the bottom of the page, your archive will be available.

Download page of Fountain

As a standard Yeoman generator

Fountain is used as all Yeoman generators. You need to have Node and NPM installed and use them to install the yo command line interface and the generator itself.

$ npm install -g yo generator-fountain-webapp

Once the dependencies installed, simply launch the generator and answer the questions.

$ yo fountain-webapp