Yeoman Fountain generators

Fountain Documentation

This Yeoman generator allows you to start any Webapp with the best Developer Experience out of the box!

No matter what framework or module management you want to use, we got you covered with a cutting edge working configuration.

We use Gulp 4 as a task manager but we'll ask you questions about:

  • Framework: React, Angular 2, Angular 1
  • Modules management: Webpack, SystemJS, none
  • JS preprocessor: Babel, TypeScript, none
  • CSS preprocessor: Sass, Less, none

Generator Fountain Webapp structure

To take profit of the best of the Yeoman infrastructure, we heavily relies on the composability natures of the generators.

Thereby, each needs of your future application will be addressed by a dedicated Yeoman generator (each will be used depending of the options you selected or not).

More informations in Fountain Design.

Web framework layer

This generators can be used directly to bypass the framework question.

React Angular 1 Angular 2 Vue 2

Web tooling layer

Gulp ESLint BrowserSync Karma

Module management layer

Webpack SystemJS Bower